Allie Marie Graphic Design

Madame Louis

Choose a fictional retail brand and design all the brand elements, store design, displays, and package system. Also, create three sub-brands that will be sold in the retail store as well.

I chose a sophisticated upscale French bakery and café with a target audience of upper middle class men and women in their early thirties living/working in Georgetown in Washington DC. The three sub-brands are also French in style yet each have their own personality and voice. 

Belle Maison is a home accent line with a provencal style. Francois Chapelle is a kitchenware line with a colorful fun flavor. L’autre Moulin is a gluten-free line of flour and baking mixes with a country rustic feel.

Outdoor sign.jpg
coffee branding mockup_wb copy.jpg
macron spreads.jpg
window spreads.jpg
ML logo web spreads.png
web spreads_2.jpg
web spreads.jpg
spices web spreads.jpg
spoons_web spreads.jpg
Flour_web spreads.jpg
Pancake mix_web spreads.jpg